New Lunar Homeworld

New Lunar Homeworld

Nation Information

Type: Colony
Ruler: FuSoYa
Capital: Titlanus
Location: Outterlands
Planet: Nefolian World
Dimension: Darkstar Dimension
Inhabitants: Lunars
Language Lunarian
Technology: High
Founded: Three Years Prior to Wayrift's start
Allies: Baron, Nefol, Dragon Haven

After the Red Moon left the orbit of the Blue Planet to seek for it's own light... it eventually found it. The Lunars colonized what seemed to be a wild, tropical location with no other settlements or people to be found. It took many years of hard work and the combined powers of FuSoYa and Benjamin Ya to set the foundations of the new establishment. The Crystal Castle of Titlanus is the pinnacle of their work, mirroring the crystal structure that was once the Lunars' home on the Red Moon.

The Lunar Colony is currently ruled by the High Sage, FuSoYa, and his wife, Shape. The settlement has friendly connections to Baron, Nefol and Dragon Haven. A majority of the population of the Colony is made up of young Lunars who escaped the Manor during the fall of Runne, most of which are still students of their crafts.

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