Darkstar (DS) Dimension

The "DS" in the dimension's name stands for "Darkstar," based on the title of the Coming of the Darkstar story, in which many characters originated. It is a sister dimension to the BS Dimension, and many of the characters have a dimensional twin shared between both dimensions. The DS dimension is connected to the BS dimension through the pocket dimension, the Borderlands.

The DS dimension follows the timeline of the stories and projects posted on the Sygnus.org website in the following order:

The DS dimension is high-fantasy with much potential for magic shared between the inhabitants. Humans in the DS dimension are not as powerful as the Lunar or Half Lunar residents and lack the ability to Mind Speak or use Mind Magic. Technology of this world has not quite caught up to the use of magic. It is often powered with magic, a practice that has become more common thanks to the teachings and exploration of Benjamin Ya.

Worlds are often protected by Patrons and Champions, who tend to be an Arweinydd and Earthian pairing. Sygnus also exist in this dimension, being the descendants of an Arweinydd and Earthian pairing. The two major living worlds that exist in the DS dimension are the Blue Planet and the New Lunar Homeworld (Nefol).   

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