Fan Art Gallery Update

Author: Aywren
Date: July 29, 2022

Hey there Wayrift friends! Today I bring you a fun little Art Gallery update!

It’s been a super long time since we’ve added anything to the fan galleries, so a huge thanks to Dark Sygnus and his lovely game sprite artwork for this piece – Leona vs Golbez Star Wars style! Be sure to check it out in his gallery on this page here!

I also noticed that the galleries were doing something a bit wonky in resizing smaller pictures in the pop-up modal when you clicked them. I did some looking into it and found some conflicting modal styles. Got that fixed, so the galleries should be resizing images correctly now. Sorry about that!

Speaking of coding, I still have a bunch of improvements I want to make to the individual comic pages. You can see those now at work in the newest chapter – comic page dividers and a table of contents that lists the pages. So far, that seems to be working fine, and I haven’t heard anyone saying otherwise.

Now that is officially moved to a new host, I’ll have more time to sit down and tackle updating the older chapters with a similar code. This will take time, but I feel that it’ll provide a better experience overall, so it will be worth it!

If you have any thoughts, you can leave them in the comments or drop us a line in Discord. Thanks for joining us on the Wayrift journey!

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