WayWiki Move – And Other Site Plans

Author: Aywren
Date: February 19, 2024

As Wayrift is slowly coming up to its 22nd anniversary next month, there are a number of updates I want to make to the website. One thing I’ve long wanted to do was move the content of the Wayrift Wiki, which currently resides on Fandom, and convert it to HTML where it can become a part of this main site (rather than being hosted in an off-site wiki).

There’s some information in that wiki that you won’t find anywhere else on the net, and I feel like it’s important to conserve the content. Hopefully, once I take care of some of these site updates, I’ll be able to sit down and fill out more of the missing pages – and there will be a number of those for a while.

If you’re interested in seeing the beginning of this project, you can find it here.

Currently, you’ll find:

  • Main Landing Page
  • Characters Landing Page
  • Places Landing Page
  • Ya Family Tree Bluestar
  • Ya Family Tree Darkstar
  • Bluestar Dimension
  • Darkstar Dimension

More to come, obviously, as I get pages and information organized!

Other Site Updates

I really want to start working on recoding all of the individual comic chapter pages to be consistent in layout, to have the table of contents, and to have the jump to top buttons. This has been a long-standing item on my to-do list, though it will take a while to get every chapter done.

Along with this, I want to work on bringing back the old book overview pages, similar to what we used to have. I have managed to recover the content for all Book 1 overviews, which were fully complete, but will have to write out the summaries for Book 2 and beyond.

We’ve got some exciting adventures ahead for Wayrift this year (including introducing more new characters), so thanks for joining us on our journey!


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