Wayrift.com Migrated!: 5-21-22

I'm happy to announce that rerouting the Wayrift.com domain has been successful and it now points to the Neocities site! Welcome now, officially, to the newly reworked Wayrift!

I did have to go through and remap the few comments we've gotten since I launched this site - just a note that every chapter page and blog post has a place for comments at the bottom. We also have a chat box on the left if you like that better!

Along with that, I added a link back to the current comic chapter from the Newest Comic Page page - based on feedback from Syn. I think that about covers it! Enjoy the new site!

Site Release: 5-21-22

I've finished archiving the final page of the Fan Corner - the Fan Gifts section. It includes Sinterklaas gifts and two galleries for gift calendars created by friends of Sygnus - I still have the copies of these IRL!

This marks the end of the content that I need to move over from the old site to the new. So the next step is re-routing the Wayrift.com domain to point to the new site. I'm going to set that up shortly.

Because DNS servers work in mysterious ways, it may take anywhere from between a few hours to a day for the domain to shake itself out. And this can vary depending on all sorts of net things. So just be aware that if you visit Wayrift, you might see the old site or the new site, or even the domain flipping between them both. Neocities takes a little while to create the security certificate, too, so if you are seeing the new site, you might see a security error for a few hours until they get that up and running.

Once it's done though, Wayrift will be routed to the new site completely. I'm going to guess at the longest, it might take through the weekend for this to clear up. See you on the other side!


I have a double update today! First, I've finished the final section of fanart - Wayrift Fanart (T-Z) that includes over 100 pieces of art! I never realized how much art folks sent us until I had to move all of it to a new site!

I've also completed moving the Games and Contests section. This includes galleries from some of the contests we've run in the past-- Design A Red Shirt Contest 2007 and Design A Lunar Contest 2011. I chose to keep the comment section from the Design a Lunar page because there were a lot of interesting thoughts and conversations I wanted to preserve.

I am currently working on coding the very last page of the Fan Corner on the new site. Once that's complete, I will update the DNS on the Wayrift.com domain, and start the process of making the new site the official site. If all goes well, that should happen this weekend!


Today, I've finished archiving the Wayrift Fanart (N-S) section with over 70 pieces of fan art included! There's just one more page of the Fanart archive left to code, so we're getting there!


It's taken a while, but I've finally finished moving over all the art for the Wayrift Fanart (G-M) section - there's over 100 pieces of fan art on this page alone! I'm moving on to tackle the next Fanart page, hoping to get these done soon!


Moving right along with Fan Corner updates! Today, I've got the complete Fan Cosplay page moved over. I've also started on the Fan Games/Contests section - though only the Games part is up at the moment. More to come!


Today I have a bit of a treat - I have moved the page and files for the old Wayrift RPG Maker Game to this site! I almost didn't move this because I thought to myself: "We released this game chapter back in 2009 on RPGMaker 2003, and it runs on Windows 98! Surely it can't run on Windows 10!"

Just on a lark, I downloaded it, followed the instructions for installing the font and the game that I wrote up all those years ago, and the game still runs perfectly on Windows 10! Go figure!

I made some small updates to the text instructions based on my own walkthrough (the default installation path is a little different on Win10), and played all the way up until a save point because I knew back in the day, you might have to run as Admin to save. Everything ran just fine, so here you go! A little piece of RPG history.


We are back from our vacation and I'm once again working on finishing the last pages of the Fan Corner! I've completed the Fan Writing Corner archive with all the humor, poetry, prose and quotes moved from the old site to the new! Enjoy!


I finished adding all the fan art to the Fanart Gallery (A-F) page. One down, three to go! This is quite a large part of the site, and I'm working on it as time allows, so keep checking back for future updates!


Based on user feedback, I've added more spacing between comic images on each chapter page. I think I got every chapter done (there's so many!), but if you're reading through and you see one I missed, please let me know!


We're launching this site live today! I've added the first blog post - you can read it at the Blog archives or by clicking the post link to the right - to introdcue the new site and what we hope to achieve with it! Welcome!

Added the following:

The fan section is still a work in progress, so there will be more to come! Also, I've yet to complete the PDF downloads that go with each chapter - those will be released as I finish them. I hope you enjoy your visit and drop us a line in the chat box if you stopped by!

Added the following:


Added the following:


Added the following:


Added the following:


Added the following:


Added the following:


Added the following:


Worked on a lot of file organization behind the scenes. Also:


Added the following:


Added the following:


Getting the foundation of this site coded and underway! More to come!