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Post Date: May 17, 2024
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Benjamin Ya
Lenoa Pollendina
Zemi Dreigiau


FSY: *looks briefly at Ben* Troublemaker.

Ben: But, it wasn't me!

Leona: Hi, Uncle Fu! *gives him a hug* It's good to see you!

FSY: *takes off his nap-cap* It would have been better to see you after my nap.

Leona: Sorry, I can't read Lunar.

FSY: I do not often get the time for a nap... *grumbles and waves them in* ...so I should not be surprised when things go awry when I try.

Ben: We wouldn't be here if it wasn't very important.

Leona: *nods* We think there is a problem with the sword that Kip stole.

FSY: We took it back to the moon where it is under increased security. *looks at them* We have even alerted Bahamut, and he should be on guard for anything out of the ordinary.

Leona: Whoa, I heard of him! The legendary king of dragons!

Zemi: *peers in the room * Bahamut? That crusty old stick in the mud?

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