Wayrift Origins: Hun? (Ben)

-Originally posted Jan 30, 2001, Written by Aywren –

Ben’s reaction to Leona… and other folks join the group standing outside at the crash site. Ben apparently liked dragons quite a bit back then… before he met Zemi, anyhow. 


[Syn wrote:

Leona had to admit, her first urge was to spit out those very words. She knew he was trying hide something- perhaps from the other who was staring at his knee in thought. But looking at the rather precarious situation that she had worked herself into, she caught her tongue from wagging into the wind and getting herself in trouble. Elbow by elbow, she slowly rose up, crawling and wriggling like a worm freshly dug from the earth.]

Ben attempted to conceal the heavy sigh that rose in him. Be it because the girl was not badly harmed, or maybe it was just that he was finally able to set the craft back down upon the ground. Which was just what he did, with a silent “thanks” to the wind.

[Syn wrote:

~I’m not afraid of him. He’s not going to hurt me, right?~

She looked up at his eyes, squinting as if she was trying to look for  answers beyond them. And when they gave no answers, the fear continued to well up.]

He could clearly sense the apprehension about her.

~Even after knowing me so long…? But.. really, I guess we don’t know each other at all, do we? Bah… this heritage is a curse! I’ve not done anything but attempt to help her out… well.. besides gorging at her dinner table now and again.. and still yet, I can tell she doesn’t like me much..~

“Um…” She was watching him so carefully. He suddenly felt his cheeks beginning to burn, and covered it by turning his head shyly away.

[Syn wrote:

Taking a deep breath, she gave Ben the stiffest upper-lip she could, took the edge of his beautiful green-cloak, and wiped her face and hands clear across the whole thing.

“Sure thing Ben! So, where we going now?” she smirked at him half-triumphantly, not sure whether to run madly screaming into the distance or to stand her ground. Compromising, she marched a few yards away to pick up her Baronian Becky doll, half covered in mud.]

“Hun?” He whirled around, mouth slightly open in surprise, not knowing at first exactly what had just passed. Then he saw the tracks of mud upon the back of his cloak. But before he could figure out how to react, she spoke again.

[Syn wrote:

“And oh yeah, Ben, while you’re at it why don’t you put all those SUPER-DUPER magic powers to use and get my airship out of the mud. I mean, it isn’t as big as the ones you move for Cec.. ..il”

~Shiva! Leona! You first-class-airman-idiot! Wagging your tongue again!~]


Ben winced, biting down hard on his bottom lip and simply staring at her pitifully.

What magic powers? — He wanted to ask. But somehow he knew playing dumb wouldn’t fall too well at that moment. It would only show him to be dishonest.

[Syn wrote:

“I’m… sorry.. about.. the.. ice…cream…” were the only words she could muster as shivering, she looked back and forth between Ben and his companion for some kind of response.]

~Ice… cream…?~

She was so… energetic. Even her train of thought bounced around so. Ben wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that… but he could still detect her feelings of unease. It was obvious Leona hadn’t meant any harm.

~Now if I could only find a way to show her that neither do I…~

The wizard took in the situation.. the ship, the mud, his cloak, Argithen (who probably thought this whole thing was insane).. and the shivering Leona, who looked paler somehow.

Then he quite promptly threw back his head and laughed, long and warm…

[Lark, a Dragon character sees the ship wreck and swoops down to investigate. She mind-speaks her concern, wondering if everyone is okay. I’ve edited this out because the character, Lark, belongs to another Author.]

“Hun?” Ben said intelligently(^^), for the second time in five minutes. His eyes grew large as he took in the beautiful draconic creature before him, breath catching in his throat, something aflutter in his chest. How he loved dragons!

Then he remembered to swallow.

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