Wayrift Origins: Outside the Gates of Baron (Ben)

-Originally posted Jan 28, 2001, Written by Aywren –

Ben was a good bit more wary back in this time… as you can see by his response to Argithen. A slight hold over from the Darkstar years, maybe? But he was still just as willing to lend a hand when he sees Leona’s ship go down.


As the stranger had approached, Ben had risen to greet him. Afterall, it was kinda rude to remain sitting, or so he thought. He never used to worry about what was rude or not, but Rosa did. She did a lot. And she worked hard to make sure that the temporary crowed prince of Baron became more aware of such things. So he rose to greet him, hoping it was the polite thing.

Even though he wasn’t certain whether the man was friend or foe.

[Argithen approaches Ben and introduces himself as a traveler. I’ve edited this out because the character, Argithen, belongs to another Author.]

The feelings coming from the man were mixed, but Ben didn’t sense any that wanted to do him harm. It also seemed that the man did not know his identity, either. Which was just as well in the Lunar’s mind.

Ben smiled to cover his uncertainty, running over greetings in the back of his mind. Now how did Rosa say you were supposed to say hello to a stranger? It was a surprise that he was so forward, even sharing his name without question.

“Hello, and well met, Argithen — did you say?” He instinctively pulled at the clasp of his hood, pulling it down across his face the best he could. The breeze was being stubborn today. “I, too, am a traveller…”

~Sort of.~

“And company would be much appreciated…”

~As long as you don’t pry.~

“My name is Ben.”

~To those who don’t know my real name.~

“And as for where I’m heading… well… anywhere but here for the time being.”

~He’s avoiding my eyes. Do I make him uncomfortable?~

Just then, a winging glimmer of white caught his attention. Something in the sky? Falling from above? Ben whirled on his heel watching its descent, wondering if his new companion had seen it as well. So he asked.

“Did you see that?”

~What was it? It looked sorta like…~

Then he surprised himself by claiming, “Someone could be hurt!”

~Be polite. You’ve only just met him.

“…Um… excuse me…” Was all he could think to say as he dashed off into the sparse undergrowth at the side of the road. If the other would follow, that was fine by him. But his curiosity was really burning, and a worry forming in the back of his mind.

It was only a short time before he caught site of it in the middle of the grassy plain, a strange white contraption, mangled a bit from the fall… and was it.. someone… yes.. there was someone pinned under it!

“Odin’s Blade!” He swore to himself, then gave a shout out to warn the other that he was approaching. “HO THERE! Can you hear me? Are you okay? I’m coming over to help… just hang in there!”

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