Wayrift Glossary



Academy of Sciences– A group of scholars, alchemists, and well known mages that gather information and collaborate in order to discover the mechanisms of the world around them. The HQ of this organization is located in Eblana. Professor Kory, is considered the expert in astronomy amongst this group.

Aiden– KluYa’s Earth name. Kory gave him this more wieldy name to help the Lunar fit into Earth civilization.

Agart– A major city-state on the Blue Planet, populated by the descendents of a group of dwarves that settled on the overworld.

Ankaa– Leona’s small airframe/airship, built from an old design found in her grandfather’s trunk. The original design was a collaboration on KluYa and Cid Sr.’s plan for smaller aircraft.

Andost’eic paydd mynd’malean– Lunarian for “I’ll never leave you alone…”

Arost i’c paydd mynd’malean– Lunarian for “Please… don’t leave me alone…”

Arweinydd– Literal translation is “Guide” or “Teacher”. Often used in refrence as a name for the “race” of “beings” that make up the Trine. Zemi is an Arweinydd.

AsaHiYa– A Euphoric-Runnian of the old world. She was the mother to FuSoYa by her first marriage to SoYa. After SoYa’s death, she married again to Zemi Dreigiau and had her second son, KluYa.

Aywren– The Author of the figments from the Darkstar Realms.



Baron– The most powerful kingdom of the Blue Planet, ruled by King Cecil and Queen Rosa. Also home to both Leona and Ben.

Benjamin YaSee Golbez Benjamin Ya.

Ben’s Medallion– A green emeraldite medallion that was said to be crafted by KluYa. Engraved within the gem is a symbol that is oddly similar to the one that Zemi wears upon the collar of his cloak.

Big Whale– An magical ship built by KluYa which is capable of interplanetary travel. It remains resting in the bottom of the ocean, close to Mysidia.

Blue Star– The name of the Blue Planet in that Other Dimension. (acronym — BS)

Borderlands– The realm within the Wayrift that exists on the fringes of the parallel dimensions Blue Star and Darkstar. The existence and balance of this world is mysteriously connected to the figments themselves…

BS (realm)– Acronym for “Blue Star”.



Cecil Harvey (BS)– The Half-Lunar Paladin King of Baron, existing in the Blue Star Dimension. The Cecil in this dimension is far less tolerant of Golbez than in the DS dimension.

Cecil Harvey (DS)– The Half-Lunar Paladin King of Baron that lives in the Darkstar realms. Youngest son of KluYa, brother to Benjamin Ya, husband to Rosa.

Ceiswyr– The secret floating city in which the winged people of the Dreigiau once lived.

Chase Wescott– A young orphaned Baronian Page who was adopted to be Ben’s son.

Cherry Pop Tart– Favorite sweet-food of Zemi. Though it is breakfast food, he can often be found eating this just about any time of day…

Ch’imh ra seketa– Lunarian greeting for a new day. Somewhat equivalent to “Good Morning.”

Chocobo– Large birds that inhabit the Blue Planet. They come in three varieties: yellows-runners, whites-magical, and blacks-flyers. They are commonly used as a source of transportation.

Cid Pollendina– Light hearted engineer who is responsible for the construction and upkeep of the Baronian Red Wings. Father to Leona, and elder friend to Cecil Harvey, and Benjamin Ya.

Cliffs– Large, stony cliffs which hang over the Borderland shores. It is a special place where Klu Ya often ventures away to think.

Cottage– The house built by the figments who reside in the Borderland realms.

Crystals– Crystalline stones that are rumored to have been created by KluYa. They encompass the elemental forces, and balance both dark and light. In the BS realms there are eight on the moon, and eight on the earth. The crystals no longer exist in the DS realms.



Darkstar– The name of a dimesion of the Blue Planet. Cecil, Ben, Leona, and Zemi originate from this world. (acronym — DS)

Dark Sygnus– A dark transformation that the effects of Dark Matter have upon Ben’s Sygnus form.

Drake– Lunarian Hunter/Assassin who was charged to exterminate KluYa. Believes that Lunars should not interfere in the development of the human people.

Drei’distau– A person with the ability to “soothe” Dragons. In time, they can develop strong emotional connections with the Dragonkin and tend to have very good Dragonriding skills.

Drei’Llafn– Zemi’s Dragon Blade. An ornate and powerful flaming sword that can transform into a long-hafted bladed-lance.

DuLlafn– A long-shafted scythe that was once a weapon used by ZenToYa. It now belongs to Tai.

DS (realm)– Acronym for “Darkstar”.



Earthian– The name that Arweinydd have given to any people that live upon planets.

Eblan-Island Kingdom on the Blue Planet. Ruled by the Ninja King, Edward ‘Edge’ Geraldine.

Ebony (Ebonytide)– A big black chocobo from the DS realm that once aided Ben in his travels.



Feather Charm (Zeb’s)– A small charm from Mysidian tradition, given to a boy when he passes the trials of manhood.

Figment– A fond term used by the Authors to indicate a fictional character that they have written for (generally long-term) that has become a very special part of their life over time. Generally figments seem to have a life and mind of their own and go through real-time personality development  like real people do. All the main “characters” within Wayrift are considered to be figments.

FuSoYa– High Lunarian Sage. He was chosen to guard the Crystal Fortress on the red moon during the Lunarian’s slumber. He is the son of SoYa and AsaHi, brother to KluYa, and uncle to Golbez Ya and Cecil Harvey.



Gray Moon– The lifeless gray moon, that has been in the sky before history was recorded. The gray moon is much larger than the red moon, but also is a greater distance away from the surface of the Blue Planet.

Golbez Benjamin Ya– The Darkstar rendition of Golbez Ya. A Master of the Infinite Ways, and Adept of the Dark Arts. Son of KluYa, older brother to Cecil Harvey, Dimensional Twin to Golbez “Zeb” Ya, and best friend to Leona Pollendina.

Golbez “Zeb” Ya– The Blue Star incarnation of Golbez Ya, characterized by his dark appearance and brooding anger. Son of KluYa, Brother to Cecil Harvey, and Dimensional Twin to Benjamin Golbez Ya.

Great Observatory– The observatory located in the Astro Tower in Agart. The observatory is Professor Kory’s residence on the Blue Planet, and houses the world’s largest telescope.

Grizz the Fifth– Standard Yellow Chocobo who lives in the Borderlands. She is the fifth generation descendent of Grizz, Miran’s riding chocobo.

Gwah– A common exclaimation said by KluYa.






Infinite Ways– A place that is no place, a time that has no time… where all possible existing dimensions meet and blend together.

Island– A tiny island with but a few trees, located near the shores of the Borderlands, where KluYa has visited.






Kantal– A tropical fruit juice. Favorite of Cecil and Ben.

KluYa– A Lunarian who decided to make his home upon the Blue Planet, instead of remaining on the Red Moon with his brethren. He is the son of Zemi Dreigiau and AsaHi, brother to FuSoYa, husband to Miran, and father of Golbez (Ben/Zeb) and Cecil Ya.

KluYa’s Cave– A small area hidden beyond the mirrors of KluYa’s chamber on Mt. Ordeals. KluYa keeps a good amount of Lunarian devices within this room, and used this area for the creation of the crystals on Earth.

KluYa’s Pendant-One of the later pendants worn by KluYa, given to him on the moon by FuSoYa. One of the pictures inscribed on the pendant is a map of the front face of the moon, showing the location of the Crystal Palace in relative to other features.

Kung Foo Achoo– A well-known child’s hero on the Blue Planet. Leona is particularly fond of Kung Foo Achoo, and his band of Righteous Friends.



Legend (Crystal Blade)– Cecil’s primary sword. It holds powerful soul magic, the twin to Onyx, Darkblade, created by KluYa. The spirit of the Paladin flows in this holy blade, and it cannot be used to harm, only to protect. It holds great destructive magics against things of pure evil and undead creatures. Inscribed upon the blade is the Mysidian Legend.

Leona Pollendina– Daughter of Cid Pollendina, and best friend to Benjamin Ya. Leona is also close to Cecil Harvey, as they were raised fairly closely.

Leona’s Necklace– Necklace given to Leona by Ben, made of crystal. Leona keeps it close to her heart.

Little Sardine– A small boat owned by Professor Kory of Agart. Kory and KluYa used it early in their travels, and later, KluYa retrofitted it with a neural proplusion system.

Luccious– Son of Zerom(us), he inherited the terrible powers to become a Dark Sygnus.

Lunarian (Lunar)– An ancient spacefaring people who fled the destruction of their homeworld between Mars and Jupiter. They then took up residence upon the red moon that orbited the Blue Planet. There they placed themselves into a deep slumber awaiting the day that their people might come to live upon the planet’s surface.

Lunar Red Shirt (LRS)– A member-in-training in a troop of Lunarian Soldiers of the DS realms (much akin to the common Red Shirt Brigade from Baron).



Marnie– Purple Chocobo who is loved by small children of Baron. Well known for teaching lessons of kindness and friendship to all.

Miran Ya– Wife of KluYa, presumed dead when Zemus came to hunt down KluYa two decades before the War of Nations.

Mt. Ordeals– A great mountain peak that lies far east on the Mysidian Continent. Cecil the Dark Knight faced his trial against his own darkness here, defeated it, and became a Paladin. The cave where KluYa was trapped is at the summit of the mountain, and is guarded by many undead and spirits.

Myfyriwr– Literal translation is “student” or “apprentice”. Generally used as a term for a student chosen to be taken under the teachings of an Arweinydd.

Mysidia– One of the greater nations of the Blue Planet, famous for it’s abundance of magery and arcane knowledge. Mysidia is/was the nation which was responsible for the Water Crystal, and is connected to Baron by the Serpent Road. The nation is ruled by the Elder, and is home to Palom and Porom, childhood heroes of the War of Nations. In past times, it was also the home of KluYa and Miran.



Nashira’s Blocks– Game of logic, played on a checkered board, similar to games such as chess, and mah-jongg. KluYa has always lost to Kory, ever since they began playing it.

Nefol– The planet in the DS realms on which the Lunarians settled. It is structurally alike to the Blue Planet, though with many differences in terrain. Is orbited by four moons (one being the red moon of the Lunarians that was pulled into the planet’s orbit).

Neh– A common exclamation used by Ben. Can be spoken in a variety of ways to express different feelings, though mostly used as one of (playful) protest.



Onyx Darkblade– Lunarian sword crafted by KluYa, passed to Ben by FuSoYa. The sword is crafted of pure Soulfire, at extreme polarities to Ben’s dark gifts. It has the ability to call and manipulate spirits that have passed from the living world. Onyx loves to be noticed, often burning with a deep green light and humming when drawn for battle.



Playbaronian– The legendary smut magazine of the Blue Planet, of which Kory is an ardent reader.

Professor Brand– The name slapped on any of Professor Kory’s inventions or ‘improvements’. User beware.

Professor Kory-Keeper of the Astro Tower Observatory in Agart, Professor Kory is member of the Academy of Sciences. Playful, and a bit lecherous at times, he is always in trouble with women. Kory is the best friend of Aiden, and is often refered to as ‘Uncle Kory’ by Ben, Zeb, and Leona.






Rainbow Cupcake– Teenage heroine who battles evil- popular with adolescent boys on the Blue Planet, dressed in a rainbow sailor fuku. Rainbow Cupcake fans generally hold Kung Foo Achoo in disdain. Zeb is a Rainbow Cupcake fan.

The Red Moon– The name that the smaller moon is referred to as on the BS dimension. It has a reddish tint to it. The Lunarians, the people of KluYa live on it.

Red Shirt Brigade– The general name used for the typical troop of Baronian soldiers. The name refers to the red uniforms of their station.

Rosa Harvey– Wife to Cecil Harvey, Queen of Baron.

Runne– The planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter in the DS realms. After its destruction, only survivors became the people who are now known as Lunarians.



Semahlah– A Lunarian word used to denote an ending, or finishing. 

Serpent Road– A magical passageway between Mysidia and Baron which was built by KluYa. It is believed to use inter-dimensional magics to teleport the user between the two locations.

Seshiru Ya– Second-born Son of KluYa and Miran that exists in an alternate dimension where Zemus did not trouble the Blue Planet. ‘Seshiru’ was the name originally given to Cecil in the BS dimension.

Shak, Shakka– An explative in the Lunar language, often considered to be used in the same context as another word that starts with “Sh”.

Sj’kudwe– A set of paired weapons which look like shorter spears, tipped with a long blade. They are the main weapon that KluYa fights with.

Sygnus– A child of the Heavens and the Earth… Sygnus is said to hold powers to rival even those of the Trine. Ben and Cecil have been discovered to be (currently) dormant forms of Sygnus.

Syntyche– The author of the figments from the Blue Star realms.



Teal Book– Ben’s small book of poetry.

Todd– The name of Zeb’s pet grub.

Trine– The name given to the three Arweinydd that worked to protect the realms in which the worlds of Euphoria and Runne once existed.

Twinkies– Favorite junk-food of Ben.



Unnamed– Zeb’s weapon of choice. Unnamed is a long pole arm a bit taller than his height, which is magically balanced, with a long crystal spearhead end to it. Zeb crafted it while in the service of Zemus.






Wren– A pet name for Aywren.









Zazo– An Arweinydd and member of the Trine. Sister to Zeni, Zemi, and Zerom(us).

Zeb YaSee Golbez “Zeb” Ya.

Zeb’s Armor– The “Golbez” armor that Zeb wears around.Zeb’s armor is a painful reminder of his past. Unlike Ben’s armor, Zeb’s armor was physically grafted to his body by Zemus. Made of Dark Matter – to remove it would be death.

Zeb’s Tree– Large deciduous tree in the immediate yard that Zeb is often found sitting in. It provides him with a view into Ben’s room from the upper branches.

Zemi Dreigiau– An Arweinydd and eldest member of the Trine. Brother to Zazo, Zeni, and Zerom(us). Father to KluYa.

Zemi’s Ring– A tiny gold ring with a lock of white hair knotted around it. Zemi keeps it hung around his neck on a faded piece of twine.

Zeni– An Arweinydd and youngest member of the Trine. Sister to Zazo, Zemi, and Zerom(us).

Zemus– The Dark Lunar who used and manipulated Golbez as part of his plans to make the Blue Planet his own.

ZenToYa– The founder of the city of Ceiswyr. He was the first student that Zemi Dreigiau took under his mentorship, and became Zemi’s Champion. He is the father to SoYa and TsuYa.

Zerom– An Arweinydd that evetually takes up the incarnation of Zeromus in the DS realm. Brother to Zazo, Zeni, and Zemi. Father of Luccious.

Zeromus– The true form of the hatred and darkness that inhabited Zemus’ mind and spirit.

Zot– The legendary floating tower that served as Golbez’s headquarters during the Crystal Wars.