99 Red Balloons Parody

By Luneth

He went into a ship-part shop,
Bought some parts with the money he got
He launched off free at the break of dawn.
Laughing like mad till he was gone.

Back at baron, in his tower
Ben looks and sees something out there,
Flying high in the sky.
1 quipping pilot flying by…

1 crazy pilot, flying in the summer sky.
Panic bells, its mauve alert.
He’s here again from somewhere else,
KiNaTu springs to life,
Opens up one eager eye,
Everyone look at the sky,
Where 1 quipping pilot is flying by…

Running down the baron streets,
Ben, Tai, and Zemi meet,
To worry, groan and transform,
Get on Zemi’s dragon form!

This is what we’ve waited for,
A showdown with these fearsome four.
The fan-girls squeal, they form in line,
To watch the quipping pilot flying by…

A lunar knight in the air,
With a suped up high-tech jet fighter,
He’s not your average super hero
And Tai’s not a Captain Kirk.

Ben wants Tai to clarify,
Why the heck they’re in the sky.
Zemi scrambles on the fly,
As the quipping pilot is flying by…

Many dreams Kip does have,
To kill Ben or see Natu…
It’s not over and we’ll see,
What will happen to poor Kippy.
As he does a barrel-roll,
On Zemi, they watch him go…