Song for KiNaTu

By: Elystriana

Corruption has riddled the heart of The Manor
Pride and arrogance calling the power they prize
But those same souls are now shaken up by disaster
Their planet is sickening, dying, destructing
All the magic they muster can’t stop its demise.

A young man is searching for those he calls family
The day is at hand and he would see them safe
But he cannot find them for all of his trying
A choice now- to die or to leave them, surviving,
He flees the destruction with his life, and his grief.

Mourn for a nation has fallen,
And weep for a planet that’s lost-
For loved ones whose lives are now only a memory;
To carry this sorrow, a burden, his cost.

In a faraway place- a new land, the Blue Planet
A new home and new purpose- the tower of Zot
A young boy to love like the son he had cherished
But betrayal by one now consumed by the Hatred
Brings him broken, defeated, again down to naught

His body now twisted for darkness’s purpose
Emotions, unstable, warped now toward insane
A mind now implanted with one single purpose
To hunt down and kill one who was rescued from Shadow
The boy he protected, the student he trained


Who now can reach through the darkness within him
And heal what the Hatred has done to his soul
From out of the past shines a hope that could save him
A chance to regain what fate cruelly had taken
A love that is willing to make his mind whole

Mourn for a nation has fallen
And weep for the pain that’s been borne
But rejoice for the light is now more than a memory
A love is rekindled; a hope is reborn