Father (Ben and Aiden)

By Elystriana

Was it so long ago since his arms were around me
Holding me tight and protecting from harm?
The memories have faded- it’s hard to remember
The love that we shared and his smile so warm.

The road of my life became shrouded in darkness,
My hands stained with blood of the innocent dead;
I could not find my own light on the mountain-
A faliure, rejected, from dark Hatred bred.

Now you are here like a past reawakened,
You are not him, and yet still are the same;
A chance to regain what the darkness had stolen-
From darkness appearing, a light, and you came.

I know I’m not worthy, I know it’s so selfish,
You might think it’s silly and not want to bother,
But if in your heart you can somehow accept me
I’d love to be able to call you my father.