Emptiness was not as painful as feeling…

By: Gaelach Rose

Emptiness was not as painful as feeling.

Emptiness, the apathy that had been, had never been as painful as what tore at him now. It had him by the heart, the great sorrow, the great guilt, the great longing, and it was breaking him as nothing should be able to.

What did it mean if he had so carelessly thrown away his objectivity in order to become close to the ones who had so piqued his curiosity? They were still suffering. His sacrifice had meant nothing. That is what Zazo would probably say to him, but Zemi was not Zazo.

No matter how painful it was, Zemi loved them all. He loved his sisters, he loved ASaHi, he loved TsuYa, he loved SoYa, he loved KuDaKo, he loved the Tu family, and he loved his Dragons (to name a few). Love made the pain worth it. Love was the one thing that had made everything so worth it. It was what had driven him.

Arywiend were supposed to be apathetic, they were not supposed to become attatched to the silly Earthians. They were immortal, so attatchments to things that could perish and die were foolish, but Zemi loved them. Love…

Love was so beautiful. It was what made him smile through the pain, even if he did not know it was love he was feeling.