Chaos Twisted Arweinydd Song

By: Canuovea

Sung to the tune of: “Modern Major General” by Gilbert and Sullivan


I am the very sample of a Chaos twisted Arweinydd,
I’ve demonstrated it by every single thing I ever did,
I really do enjoy the lovely act of lunar genocide,
But for those pesky humans I prefer to call it pesticide!

My mind is perfectly attuned for actions diabolical,
It is simply a matter of a conscience on Sabbatical,
For instance I abducted that pathetic child GolbezYa
(Hmm… now, that’s a tough one… Golbe- ah, got it!)
And made him a villain who captured a thing called a ro-si-ah!
(or was it Rosa? Blah, humans…)

All of this I accomplished with a little bit of mind control,
And I must admit the event was something I did find quite drole,
In short, I’ve demonstrated that, by everything I ever did,
I am the very sample of a Chaos twisted Arweinydd!

I started off attacking my brother’s little Nefolians,
And ended up confronting some silly human Baronians.
I created a Dark Sygnus, a boy that I call Luccious,
It shouldn’t take much more to prove that I can be Capricious!
(Well, I did go from trying to kill the Lunars… to trying to kill the humans… for the Lunars…)

My power increased multitudes when I discouvered esgor-ar,
Furthermore crossing into Chaos assured me that I’ll go far.
My one mistake might just have been failing to kill that Drei’distau
(Seriously, whose idea was it to call her that? … Drei di… tau… tau… rau? No… ah, got it!)
Because if I had then perhaps Chaos would have claimed the Dreigiau!

In fact, when I’ve learnt how to get out of this misty existence,
A feat I will accomplish, though I fear I will need assistance,
In short, when I am finally able to return from the dead,
you will see what plans of vengeance I can make pop out of my head!

Just wait, when I escape I will punish my brother Zemi good,
Death to his family! Worms won’t even see them as semi-food!
I’ll hunt down Golbez, Cecil, that Rosa-thing and that Ninja fool!
(…Ninja fool? Now I’ve gone and done it… wait!)
I am Zeromus, the hatred! And I hate you all, as a rule!

Yes, I was defeated by humans plucky and adventury,
Rest assured I’ll be back if it takes more than half a century.
But still, I’ve demonstrated that, by everything I ever did,
I am the very sample of a Chaos twisted Arweinydd!