Learn Your ABCs: Wayrift Style!

By: Gaelach Rose

A is for Athrylith, the Mind Mage men.

B is the first letter in the name of Ben.

C is for “craterhead”, our good friend KY.

D is for Dreigiau, who soars through the sky.

E is for Esog’ar, the power to Make.

F is for figments who don’t take a break.

G is for Golbei, those two handsome fools,

And H is for handwavers breaking swordie rules.

I is for “integrity”, possessed by Aur.

J is for JouKa and her healing power.

K is for Kory, that good professor loon,

And L is for Lunar, they come from the moon!

M is for MKY, Aiden’s dimensional twin.

N is for Newt and his cocky half grin.

O is for OMEGA, whose laugh does quip,

While P is for Pren, who sinks Baron’s ships.

Q is for the questions that we fans do have.

R is for Red Wings and their sword-loving fans!

S is for Sygnus, like gentle Lucci,

And T is for TsuYa, Tai and General TsuMe.

U is for universe, whether Darkstar or Blue.

V is for “versuses”, swordie and scythie part two!

W is for “Wayrift”, now in technicolor,

And X is for X-files and the great AC Moulder.

Y is for YES! A Shimmer Update!

And Z is for Zento, Zazo, Zeb, and the Zemi Dragon great!