Wayrift Fan Gifts


Sinterklaas Gift Gallery

Thank you to Thari (and Sinterklaas) for the following Sinterklaas Gifts!

Sinterklaas Poem (PDF)

Sygnus 2009 Gift Calendar Gallery

Calendar created by fans of the stories and comics at www.sygnus.org and featuring characters of Aywren and Syntyche. With art (used with the artists’ permission, of course) by Arikawa, Gaby Bernier, Jamie Carlson, Jenna Parrott, KJ, Matti, Olivia Churchill, Xovq, and one anonymous artist.

Gaby’s Gallery

Iamthatis’s Gallery

Jamie’s Gallery

Jenna’s Gallery

KJ’s Gallery

Ven’s Gallery

Xovq’s Gallery

Sygnus 2012 Gift Calendar Gallery

A lovely fan gift from friends of Wayrift! Features figment art created by Arete, Gaby, Illinia, Jamie, Jenna, Matti, Rose, Shikra, Ven & Yllamse!

Month by Month Gallery

Calendar Cover Artwork Pieces