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-Wayrift & Shimmer Word Find Game

Created by Eraine

-Wayrift Word Find Game (PDF)

Created by Chrys


Design A Red Shirt Contest 2007

Red Shirt Finn by Yllamse

Red Shirt Grant by Ven

Red Shirt Scree by Ven

Red Shirt Joi by KJ

Red Shirt Morgan by Gaby

Red Shirt by Jamie

Design A Lunar Contest 2011

The following are the entries to Wayrift’s 9th Birthday contest: Design a Lunar! These Lunars will appear in a Wayrift chapter, each accredited to their creator. Thanks to all who entered the contest!

Anna Quinis

Name: JiCheLe

Personality: while obedient, he doesn’t have much love for authority and often shows a bored look on his face. His secret loves are myths and legends and history (since myths and legends often link closely with history). He really only smiles when looking at the sky and only gets excited when talking about myths.

Appearance: Green eyes, white hair parted above his left eye with a tuft of gray hair. The gray hair became so because of an accident when he was testing ways to straiten his sort-of-curly hair. The small bit tested did go straight but also went gray, he decided sort-of-curly hair was alright.


JaeLynRo by Elystriana

Gaelach Rose

TilDar by Gaelach Rose


KlaTu by Hillary


RiKiNon is pretty responsible for a guy who only recently grew out of childhood, and pretty deferential to his superiors. But he’s very active, yearning for adventure, and when he’s on his own can be pretty impulsive.

ShaLaYi, on the other hand, is secretly really awesome at self-defense, but unless she’s really threatened, is terribly shy. She carries herself with confidence until someone talks to her, and she only speaks in a soft tone. Inclined to poetry.


SeHi by Ilycura


ShiKoKu by Jenna

Jen T.

LaNiSen & RhyKuSen by Jen T.


Her name is NoRiRan (nori-The Japanese name Nori may be written with the character for “rule; law”). Other possibilities include the characters for “pattern; example; model” or “chronicle; account; narrative”. (Nori is also the Japanese vocabulary word for ‘dried seaweed’ though I wasn’t thinking of it at the time and I don’t know if she likes seaweed) Ran is Rim, shield + wolf in Norse or orchid in Japanese).

The necklace she is wearing is from her mother, which was given to her before she was taken from home as a gift. She did a lot of hiding and laying low at Runne when she was taken, and as such doesn’t know much about her magical gifts nor does she really care too, as she sees them as the reason she was taken from her family. She layed low by down playing any gifts she had, pretending to be busy doing something else or hiding in general. This trait carries over now as she tends to hide and read somewhere and not be with the others. She doesn’t find too many things funny, as seen in the picture and tends to have a sarcastic sense of humor when she does. She is 17 and doesn’t know what color her magic is, due to the fact that her only ability so far is to make fire. She can probably play with fire too and do other things, but I have a feeling that she purposefully burned herself one time to claim that she can’t, which also makes me think she has healing abilities as there isn’t a scar, though she probably wore gloves to cover that fact back on Runne. I am wondering a bit if there might be some innate shielding ability which is why she could hide her powers and herself so well, but I can’t say too much for sure.


AshaiKaLu by Maracate


Name: ZenFi

He is shy and doesn’t talk loads.

He woke up and couldn’t remember almost anything scraps of memory were there. He found himself in an undesirable place for certain people found him and realized that he had great skill his sword. The sword also made many people afraid for at first when he brandished his awesome weapon they thought his sword contained a magnificent flame but as it came down to slay his opponents they shrunk in fear of what seemed to be a beast that lept at them from his sword.

He wears a dark violet collar basically around his neck, it covers a marking he isn’t sure of where he got, but whenever he tries to think to intensely about its origins he finds himself very apprehensive and usually unhappy (but it does on rare occasions bring a sense of joy). He has a slight purple tint to dark green eyes due to the dark violet collar.

[Back to the fact those people took advantage of his swordsmanship] Those people trained him in how to become an assassin for their pleasure. They on many occasions had to black mail him to do such though. Also to add to that he tended to find himself alone – a lot. He likes friends don’t let his I’m-all-right-even-when-I’ve-just-lost-my-only-friend act fool you.


He’s 15 years old. He’s adventurous, intelligent and usually friendly. He loves exploring but hates learning and he often gets into trouble because of that. He has a great sense of humour. He always was curious about humans – how they behave and how exactly they look like.


KenTuSai by Shikra


Name: KyRaFe
Age: 15 yrs old
Gender: Female
Height: 5’
Hair color: White with blue highlights
Eyes: Green-yellow

Name: KenToFe
Age: 12
Sibling: (Y) Brother to KyRaFe

Name: AshRaKu
Age: 16
Hair: White with red highlights

Name: SeKeRi
Age: 17
Hair: White with blue highlights


Lunar Designs by SMistwolf


Name: NapTiMe

Whether NapTiMe has some kind of sleeping disorder or is just incredibly lazy is up for debate. truth is that, even after awaking from hibernation, he can still be found in his bed more often then not. He sleeps more then twelve hours a day and, to make things worse, he’s a sleepwalker. Other Lunars tend to joke that he is more active while asleep than awake, which might even be true.

As a result, even when not in bed, NapTiMe mostly wears pyjamas and has an almost permanent out-of-bed hairstyle. even though he wears almost exclusively pyjamas, he has an amazing variety in them, with ever color of the rainbow present, and all kinds of prints on them, from flowers and plants to magic symbols and even whole pieces of text.


VeNeTa by Viviane


NaKoBi by Weomur

Likes: Cheese, adventure, exotic lizards

Dislikes: Crowds, obnoxious people


Name: LauKri

Age:  17
Gender: Female
Race: Lunar
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 92 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: White (Grey Highlights that glow blue when she casts magic)



LauKri was considered a late bloomer when it came for magic.  The Manor discovered her at the age of 7 when she had a fit and caused a gust of wind to blow several cooking supplies along with dishes out of her parents’ dwelling.  They quickly took her into custody and placed her in a remedial class to catch her up with her peers.

Slow in progress but a master of what she would grasp, the Manor encouraged her take extra classes and practice after hours causing her to be a bit of a pariah among her peers.  In time and with bitter practice, LauKri’s grasp of Elemental (black) magic became phenomenal and she was tutoring the younger children with their studies.  It was discovered that she had the capability to learn Holy (white) magic as well and was being instructed a week before Runne was destroyed.

Kluya found LauKri leading a few of the younger students outside when the disaster began and encouraged her to follow him.

This one act saved her from death but it provoked the inevitable event of being in cold sleep for a century.

When she woke, she had the strong desire to continue her studies.   Even though she hasn’t mastered the Holy realm of Magic, she has begun to master the little that she had learned and continues to work harder with a bit of encouragement from FuSoYa.


LauKri is a quiet individual unless provoked.  She’s rather serious about her work and study (She can be usually found in a specific section in the library in the mornings) but can be known to enjoy a good prank here or there.  Because of her outbursts and her somewhat seclusion from her peers, she’s very inept in social interaction.  She seems to do much better interacting with youngsters and her seniors than actually trying to get along with someone her own age.

If engrossed in her work she has been known to ignore everything around her.  Getting her attention requires physical contact or a REALLY loud sound.

If she’s not in the library, she’s out and about exploring and applying what she’s learned.  LauKri is curious in nature but has a tendency not to ask and go figure the answers on her own.


-Has grasped Elemental magic and is on the verge of mastering the specific circle of magic.

-Limited use of Holy magic.

-Is very flexible and nimble.  If she wanted a specific book and it was placed out of reach, she has the nasty habit of climbing up and retrieving the book without spells, stools or ladders.  This has taught her how to fall without causing too much damage to her or the books.

– A bit slow at learning new magic but once she’s learned it she can manipulate it to a certain degree.


She misses her family but will not show it. If asked; she pretends to not remember them.  In actuality she has kept one of her mother’s ribbons and keeps it in her pocket as a good luck charm.  No one knows about the ribbon…for she had snatched it as a child on a whim and wasn’t supposed to have it in the first place.

Name: YueFa
Age:  17
Gender: Male
Race: Lunar
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 95 lbs.
Eye color: Dark Green
Hair Color: White



YueFa was brought into the Manor by his family at the early age of three.  He had convinced his older brother that he was being chased by a huge rodent and caused his mother to hallucinate that the kitchen was huge when she was thinking about what to make for dinner.  For obvious reasons, the Fa family didn’t think they could raise their younger son properly. (It didn’t help that they were afraid of him as well.)

Top of his class and a bit of a show off, YueFa did everything with an ease.  He had no real reason to study because he has a photographic memory.  A smart aleck, he had potential friends piling up around him.  He only truly respected those teachers in the Manor that were exceptionally talented and did his best to hide his true personality from the rest of the mind mages.  (Wether or not he succeeded he’ll never know)

On the day of the destruction of Runne he was hanging about the library when KluYa noticed he was there with a group of his friends.  KluYa grabbed him by the ear for a bit to get him running and his friends followed.

That’s how he found himself frozen for a century.


Somewhat aware of what was going on while in stasis; he now remembers it all as an odd dream.


Cool, distant and manipulative, YueFa will do almost anything to get what he wants.  If he wants attention, he’ll go get it.  If he wants friends, he’ll maneuver it to being as such.  He can’t stand not being in the spotlight and if anyone manages to steal it for a few minutes, he’ll hold a grudge until he can get “proper” revenge.

YueFa cares mostly about himself and his skills.  Self centered and “a gift to all women” YueFa will use anyone to achieve whatever goals he placed on himself.


-Mind Control has become an easy skill for him to use.  He can be subtle as a soft breeze to actually blunt to the point that his victim knows what’s going on but can’t do anything about it without knowing mind magic.

-He’s an extreme puppeteer.  He can manipulate any object to move in whatever fashion he desires.  It is how he makes his outer clothes look like they’re underwater while he moves.  He’s practiced it so much that it has become almost second nature to him.  Smaller objects are easier to control than larger ones that need more attention and focus.

-YueFa is slowly becoming a Beastmaster.  The less intelligent the monster, the easier it is to manipulate.  He’s currently working on smaller beasts to larger ones.


YueFa can’t stand LauKri and yet he’s fascinated at the same time.  He’ll deny it ‘till the moons fall from the sky but in fact LauKri is a conundrum for him.  She’s smart but she has to study hard for any of it to make sense.  She understands elemental magic to the point of manipulation but she can’t figure out how to make new spells.  She’s lonely but she’s terrible with socialization.  As far as he’s concerned, LauKri shouldn’t be considered a genius but he’s marked her as his rival.  Should anyone ask…he’ll laugh and deny, deny, deny.

Yuko Hoon

MiRa, a little Lunar.

MiRa is one of the youngest kids in the Lunar colony, and not only in age, but also in looks. Her short and petite frame makes her look even younger, like she was no more than eight years old. Her short stature is maybe the most noticeable of her features, and has caused her a lot of problems with kids her age. Her white, wavy hair is cut just below her shoulders, and she keeps it away from her face with to little hairclips in the shape of a silver wing. She has light green eyes, a colour similar to that of jade, and always show a glint of mischief in then. She has thin lips that are usually breaking in a big smile.

Her skin is rather pale, but it only shows in her round face and her small hands. The rest of her body is usually covered by a dress-like tunic, light blue and cyan in colour, tied to her waist by a darker strip of cloth that is tied with a knot to the right side of her body. The sleeves of her tunic are wide enough to float behind her when she runs. She also wears dark blue shoes.

Personality wise, MiRa is energetic to scary extents. She is seen as a troublemaker. It’s not that she’s a bad student. She works hard and is always avid to learn something new, and she would make a great student… if she would just sit still for a second. MiRa is hyperactive, and her long sleep, far from quietening her, has turned her into a small, white-haired roadrunner. She sometimes takes part of some mischief with her friends, but most of the time she’s just running towards or away from someone. She’s a good girl, though, so she would try to help anyone that asks her in the best of her capabilities.

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