Wayrift Moving from Twitter to Mastodon

Hey all!

I wanted to write a quickie post about something I’ve decided to do as of this week. You may (or may not) be familiar with the drama going on about Twitter and its ownership, but since last year, I’ve been personally moving away from using Twitter for interaction and news.

I’ve posted updates on the Wayrift Twitter account for about a year now. Looking at the tweet stats and site analytics, I can see that the account just doesn’t have much traction for the time spent posting there. Sometimes it gets a few views, but rarely anyone clicks through from the tweets.

In contrast, I’ve also been echoing the same content on my Mastodon account. There, the same posts gets boosts and far more in the way of interaction.

So, it seems to me, that for time spent, posting on Mastodon is more worth my while. There isn’t an official Wayrift Mastodon there as I’m trying to keep my Mastodon accounts consolidated. But you can find updates at my personal account if you’re on the Fediverse and would like to follow.

Thanks to all who followed on Twitter, too! I hope I don’t seem ungrateful – it just seems like Facebook, Discord and Mastodon serve our readers fine.

I hope you enjoy the start of a new chapter this week!


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